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September 15th, 2011, 21:08
Offhand I would say maybe Winter Voices, but I've got to have something more obscure than that in the physical realm collecting dust somewhere.

While I was reading about Ascension to the Throne I thought 'Oh that sounds good, I should try to find that game' then I realized it was part of the 1C RPG pack I bought from Gamersgate a while back and I already own it. This is what being a digital download whore gets you, can't even keep track of your own games.

And I still want that damned duck RPG! I have looked and looked through official and unofficial channels and I can't find it anywhere. Paradox should put it up for digital download. Price it cheap enough and somebody will buy it (me!). Hell, there are old Genesis games selling on Steam and Gamersgate so there's a market.
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