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September 15th, 2011, 21:55
Originally Posted by bkrueger View Post
For Alrik:
I own "Der Schatz im Silbersee", an adventure based on Karl May, on 3,5 inch high density floppy discs… (never played through it though).
I have it as well. I even installed it on DOSBOX last year, but I never came past the first "riddle" (there's a bear one must calm down or so).

And I agree : This is somewhat obscure as well.

Another rather obscure game I have is the "Höhlenwelt Saga" card game for the PC.

I actually know only very little about it.

The "Höhlenwelt" is a fantasy setting which was developed by the German fanatsy author Harald Evers.

For it, he also made an adventure game, this one :

Unfortunately he died suddenly not too long after completion of this game, and nowadays I cannot find a way to get the patches and the cards that were seemingly once put online for fans (the extra cards could be somehow integrated into the main game).

His family was - according to forum entries - within a religious sect, so they didn't like his work as an author at all. All signs of adoration b the fans at the grave were destroyed by the family - save for the son, maybe, with whom he developed the game.

You can download the demo of the unfortunately German-only game here : http://www.hoehlenwelt-game.de/

The game as such can still be bought (I bought mine via ebay).

The card game is also known under the name of "Trivocum", I think. This is a term from the setting itself.

Edit : This is the only forum I know about the Höhlenwelt games : http://www.subcultur.de/forum/index.php
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