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September 16th, 2011, 00:26
I'm a typical, average, generic gamer, liking nearly all the games I own (and I own many), so most of what I have is mass compatible, more or less. Everybody and his brother have played Catacomb 3D and its successors, I guess, but there are other, less known games I own - like, for example …

Depth Dwellers
(anaglyphic 3D shooter, 1994) - they meant well. Well.
Nitemare 3D (shooter, 1994) - hilarious in a way some little brothers are.
Ken's Labyrinth (shooter, 1993) - ditto. An aspiring, talented programmer and a totally untalented (yet well-intentioned) graphics artist sometimes create surprisingly entertaining games.
In Extremis (shooter, 1993) - nice atmosphere. Sloppy execution.
Cyclones (shooter, 1994) - like Strife, this one's astonishingly complex, just more underdog-gy.
Angst - Rahz' Revenge (shooter, 1996) - not just a turd: THE turd. I'd happily vote for this steaming pile of crap if there was a 'worst game ever' vote.
Mortail Coil (tactical shooter, 1995) - many great ideas, countless crippling bugs. Plus the worst translation ever - even installing was a challenge.
Wetlands (rail shooter, 1995) - great atmosphere, insane difficulty.

Now guess my favorite game genre .
ESO-playing machine

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