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September 16th, 2011, 01:08

Space crusade. This was the first computer game based on the famous Warhammer 40k licence, and a title that not a lot of people seem to be aware of. This particular game was based on the childrens board game Space Crusade, which can be seen as the 40k counterpart to HeroQuest (which was set in the warhammer fantasy world). Unlike HeroQuest you had a team of 5 space marines per "good guy" player, but only one of these were actually useful (the commander), the rest were just too easy to kill. The PC port of the board game was quite faithful, and much like the board game the greatest joy in the PC game was to shoot your friends in the back (the game itself was not very good, and when you get bored you tend to do stupid things). A rather forgettable game that might be of interest to those who played the board game when they were young. Then again, both Space Crusade and HeroQuest are best left as fond memories, these games were meant for children and lack any real depth or complexity.

Stratosphere. You build a flying fortress out of different parts, and then you fly around and shoot other flying fortresses. An interesting concept that sadly ended up in a rather lackluster game.

Limbo of the lost. This game would have been doomed to total obscurity if it was not for one tiny detail: The devs stole all their backgrounds from other games! What you are looking at is a screenshot from Limbo of the lost. But what game did they steal that background from? (Oblivion)
They managed to steal background from Oblivion, Thief 3, Unreal tournament 2003 and plenty of other famous games, and somehow they thought they would get away with it. Many other things, like sound clips and even the intro sequence were stolen from other sources. The game itself is an adventure game with stupid puzzles (no real logic in many of them), horribly slow character movement and too many design flaws in general to make it worth playing. I only bought it because of its interesting history.

Svea Rike 3. Another old Paradox title, this one was released just before Europa Universalis. The game plays a lot like a simplified version of Europa Universalis, and your goal here is to take over the Nordic countries. They made another game 4 years later based on the same engine, which had the very same unit sprites, buildings and, well everything, except for the map, called Two Thrones (which I also own). This game was actually marketed as a childrens game, and while it is easier to get into than Europa Universalis, it is still a relatively complex game. The previous Svea Rike titles were based on a popular Swedish board game (named Svea Rike).
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