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September 16th, 2011, 18:48
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Huge hits to who? To the hardcore crpg crowd, yes. To the mainstream gaming crowd not so much. I have to agree with Nerevarine that a lot of FO3 fans probably never played the first two titles at all.
Naah. Comparing apples with oranges.

Most FO3 couldn't possibly have played FO and FO2 because they were a) not even born b) not old enough to meet the rating c) not able to get hands on a computer d) never owned a computer but a console (old SNES or new PSX maybe).

Heck, I know a guy at the local GameStop that looks alot like the Comic guy from Simpsons but goes on telling me about the 'good ole days of the PSX' when he was a child.

For the installed base of gaming PCs at the time of the release both games were hits - don't you doubt this. Not mega sellers, but they were never intended to be one of those. FO was a low-cost side project, which got even cheaper when they had to kiss the GURPS licence goodbye.

Regarding production cost FO and FO2 were as successful as Deep Throat, El Mariachi or Night of the Living Dead.
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