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September 17th, 2011, 19:43
Originally Posted by tuukka View Post
You would probably have a hard time finding people on this board who think that the amount of units sold equals quality. So I'm not sure what you are debating about, or who you are debating with?
I think he's debating with himself . No one ever brought up quality, just whether or not Fallout 1+2 could be considered "big hits" financially, even by their own time's standards. I thought you were perfectly clear in your explanation…

Back on topic, I always knew that Fallout 1+2 were more along the lines of "cult classics," but assuming that some of the numbers that people are tossing out are true, it sold quite a bit less than I thought it did. I guess that helps prove my point that Bethesda is responsible for making the IP a more prominent name, and that the relative obscurity of the Game of Thrones license among gamers would not have been an obstacle if they had decided to pursue such a project.
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