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September 20th, 2011, 16:38
That Talk Talk Live is really good. My fav album of theirs is definitely Laughing Stock though. I kinda share dteowner´s sentiments in regards to Eden, but as I hear it, what may have come off as pretentiousness and wankery on that album, came off as creative clarity and independence of expression (as in, the album sounds largely indifferent to the era it was made in and there´s still nothing quite like it) on Stock.
Ascension Day, Taphead, New Grass.

Anyway, Elend - The Umbersun (1998)
Rest of the album is relatively unremarkable, but these two tracks are nifty:
Du tréfonds des ténèbres

Originally Posted by Ball_Breaker View Post
IIRC, wasn't in Solitude Aeturnus someone from Candlemass? I can't remember now…
SA´s singer did the vocals on the last 2 Candlemass´ records.
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