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September 21st, 2011, 19:49
In the main game, brilliant quest and dialogue writing suffered from not so good translation and failing voice acting. Usually all middle and eastern european RPGs suffers from this, so recently in some titles devs are writing their dialogues in English rather than their native language (ex Witcher 2, Risen). Beyond that, it was a good RPG experience that have some old school touches and nice visuals (after disabling annoying bloom). I've invested more than 80 hours to the main game (searched every piece of the map) and according to the trailer I have seen 20 hours of additional fun is waiting for me.

By the way, publisher is bragging about selling more than 2 million units. Mainstream reviewers are saying how good the game is. Yet there wasn't much PR, preview, interview, news, advertisement or anything about the main game and there's no exception for the expansion too. It seems it's publisher fault, but whatever the cause I have a feeling that TW2 is much underrated by gamers.

Last question, do you know the expansion will be released in disc form, or digital purchase is our only option?
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