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September 21st, 2011, 22:53
D1 definitely had better atmosphere then D2. What made D2 great were the skill trees. At the time this was an amazing and incredibly fun idea. Today everyone has skill trees, and now it's easy to look back on D2 and see just how flawed their skill trees really were. But if you were a gamer back when D2 came out, they were just one of the greatest things ever. The fact that just about every action RPG afterwards copied them only further drives home that point.

So I wouldn't necesarily recomend D2 to a modern gamer. I mean it does a great many things right and many would probably still love it, but gaming has evolved a lot since it first came out. But if we were still living in the year 2000 there would have been few games that I would have recomended more.
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