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September 21st, 2011, 23:06
I got hacked in WoW less then a year ago, and it was a pain but Blizzard customer service responded really quickly and my characters were completely restored in about 2 days. Now I have an authenticator which makes it very unlikely that I'll be hacked again. So it wasn't a happy experience but it wasn't like I lost my character or equipment. Hackers also have no way to get your credit card info off your WoW account.

Although I hate the idea of a real money auction house, it will probably dramatically reduce the profitability of gold/item selling by flooding the market. Right now the black market nature of gold selling drives the price up a lot, but the rate of return per hour is still so low that it's only worth doing if you live in a poor country. Cut out the black market, and I doubt it will be worth doing for anyone. This should dramaticaly reduce the amount of account hacking. Whether it will be worth the cost is a completely different question.

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I gave up on WoW due to hacking issues (just one time too many and I'm STILL getting phishing emails), I see no reason why D3 would be any different. Even if I don't give them CC info, I don't want to spend months playing a game, just to have my characters stripped and deleted by some gold farmer from China (or Toledo).

I WANT to play this game, but I don't think I'll risk Blizzard's security incompetence.
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