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September 22nd, 2011, 01:58
Originally Posted by Gallaphant View Post
I'm an on-again off-again player. Every time I try to come back over the last three years (FIVE times!), my password has been changed and my toons deleted. Just waaaayyy too annoying.
That does sound like there is a problem on your end. When people hack your account they generally aren't actually breaking into blizzard's system, they are breaking into your system and finding out your password. You may have a keylogger or something similar installed on your machine.

Either way getting an authenticator will solve your problem. Blizzard sells them at a loss so they are incredibly cheap (I don't even think they charge shipping) or if you have a smart phone you can download an authenticator app for free. THey will ensure that your account does not get hacked. Just don't lose the authenticator!
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