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September 22nd, 2011, 06:10
Originally Posted by DoctorNarrative View Post
Playing the game itself in a demo does not make it clear how it plays? Watching an hour+ video on a site like giantbomb does not make it clear how it plays? Of COURSE those things do, that's not an opinion it is a fact. If one chooses to ignore that stuff and buy the game purely because of the words on the box, that's on them.

I think they did that, they just didn't make a sequel exactly like the original. That's not misdirection, that's just change. I'm thrilled Morrowind was not exactly like Arena and I hope Skyrim is not exactly like Oblivion. The titles are just words on boxes, gameplay is what matters. I don't care at ALL if Syndicate is not an isometric tactical shooter, what I care about is that it is a good GAME. If someone buys it just because of the name on the box they are, frankly, an idiot. I feel no regret for their loss.
Wasn't there a thread around here about last words?

I think you need to re-learn the difference between fact and opinion. Everyone else doesn't interpret information the way you do so yes, someone could play the demo or watch a video and still not quite know what they were getting into or to what degree.

Also, as has been noted several times some people pre-ordered before the demo and most of the videos.

Stating that you think people are an idiot because they buy something with a name on the box is an opinion (and yeah names are important otherwise companies like EA wouldn't scramble so much to keep cranking out games with the same names).

Okay your turn for last word now.
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