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September 22nd, 2011, 08:21
Originally Posted by Motoki View Post
someone could play the demo or watch a video and still not quite know what they were getting into or to what degree.
I grant you that it's not the same as playing the entire game, but I don't know how you could argue that playing an hour long demo or watching an unedited hour long video of gameplay is not VERY informative. It certainly would have told anyone that DA2 was faster paced, less tactical and had a new art style, for example.

Also, as has been noted several times some people pre-ordered before the demo and most of the videos.
I know that. And those people took a risk that it would not be a good game, or would be a very different game. There is no contract in place that says a sequel needs to play exactly like its predecessor, and certainly a reboot doesn't have to. This is the thing I don't agree with, buying because of the name on the box. That's just dumb, I'm sorry. I haven't seen you come back with a real argument that says why that is not a dumb thing to do.

And yes, EA use old names for brand awareness. That's not the same as promising you identical gameplay, and even if it was you still are the final decider who chooses to purchase a game. How much research you do before that purchase directly impacts your satisfaction level.

Okay your turn for last word now.
If you don't enjoy the debate stop participating in it.
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