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September 22nd, 2011, 08:47
Originally Posted by DoctorNarrative View Post
Playing the game itself in a demo does not make it clear how it plays? Watching an hour+ video on a site like giantbomb does not make it clear how it plays? Of COURSE those things do, that's not an opinion it is a fact. If one chooses to ignore that stuff and buy the game purely because of the words on the box, that's on them.

I think they did that, they just didn't make a sequel exactly like the original. That's not misdirection, that's just change. I'm thrilled Morrowind was not exactly like Arena and I hope Skyrim is not exactly like Oblivion. The titles are just words on boxes, gameplay is what matters. I don't care at ALL if Syndicate is not an isometric tactical shooter, what I care about is that it is a good GAME. If someone buys it just because of the name on the box they are, frankly, an idiot. I feel no regret for their loss.
idiots huh, arrogant much?

I think your forgetting this is a video game. I just bought a new truck and spent 3 months online researching and test driving until I found the one I wanted.

This is a video game and a sequel no less from a company saying stuff like they listened to there fans and made changes based on their feedback or that despite changes to make it more accessible they would stay true to their core fans. sounds good but both lies imo. I never heard them once say that other than being party based and in the da universe this will be a totally different game.

Also being a sequel many people will intentionally try to hear as little as possible to avoid spoilers because most sequels continue the story. You know like mass effect from the same developer. Bioware knows this, they aren't dumb and the capitalized on it.

How is one supposed to find out all about the game and still avoid spoilers? it's virtually impossible with spoiler laden previews. You can barely read headlines anymore iv'e seen some listing the character's that are returning for me3 from me2. I don't want to know this stuff. As I said bioware knows this and pulled a fast one. And the worst part is they pulled a fast one on their most loyal fans that pre-ordered very early.

So shame on bioware not shame on us idiots.
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