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September 22nd, 2011, 16:39
Rock, Paper, Shotgun's John Walker writes about playing Diablo III as a solo player, based on his beta experience, and his frustration with the always-on DRM. John acknowledges lots of players will enjoy the online elemens but believes the current setup is a mistake:
My intention with Diablo III is to solo the game. I realise thatís not the way many will play it, itís not what the Diablo series is most famous for, and itís arguably not the primary way Blizzard intends the game to be played. However, crucially, itís a mode of the game thatís deliberately programmed to work, with NPC story-based characters to join your party and interact with you, and a single-player plot to hack through. It is, undeniably, designed to be played as a single-player game.
However, the always-on DRM makes this the most remarkably annoying process. During the beta, Blizzardís servers have dropped a few times. Of course, thatís expected during a beta, but itís also not unexpected once a game has gone live. And here, when the server goes down, youíre left with a ghost of the game until it eventually stops you from playing at all. I found that suddenly when I fired my bow no arrows came out Ė I could wander around, enemies were still there, but clearly something was wrong. And then it froze, a message popped up saying there were connection troubles, and I was dumped back to the main menu with no way to play. For no discernible reason. I still had the game installed, had no desire to be online or use any online functions, and yet still couldnít play.
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