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September 22nd, 2011, 17:46
Originally Posted by Motoki View Post
For Morrowind I looked into Morrowind 2011 but found out there was a whole load of drama about that. Drama in the Morrowind modding community? *gasp* Who knew?

Anyway, when I managed to finally track down the file and the install instructions it was complicated. I'm tired of a complicated. That is what makes me not want to re-play Morrowind and Oblivion but at the same time I just can't even entertain the thought of playing them vanilla.
You might try this instead:

For graphics:
Morrowind Graphics Overhaul is drama-free and judging by the readme easy to install as well.
Personally I wouldn´t recommend installing patch 1.3, because it introduces Atmospheric Sound Effects which I found to be overkill and not quite fitting.
Previous versions use Piratelord´s Expanded Sounds which are a lot better imo.
At any rate, don´t install the included voice-addons since these are likely incompatible with one mod I´m going to recommend later (GDR).
Since I haven´t tried it myself I can´t vouch for this setup 100%, but if you want to upgrade Morrowind´s visuals and end up with reasonably consistent look, this package is by far the fastest way to go and is customizable when it comes to some controversial stuff (trees, animated grass).

Additionally/"optionally", few mods it doesn´t include which I think are better than the ones included are Plangkye´s Hi-Res Telvanni Textures and Green Marble Mournhold which are imo the best for the respective areas.
Another not-included set of textures is Connary´s stuff, which is likely a permission issue because some of these rule. The textures are no longer available on the usual sites, but there´s an all inclusive package someone uploaded on Megaupload. The link is here:

I´d recommend replacing MSGO´s textures with these: 6th House, Caves, Great House Redoran, Dunmer Strongholds, Bitter Coast, Grazelands, Molag Amur, West Gash, Miscellanea - Daedric Shrines, Sewers.

When it comes to the other stuff, somehow I ended up putting a small list in one of the Witcher threads (which is also a variation of the list I posted in this very thread, haha), so here´s more-or-less a repost:

I like Wakim's Game Improvements - Modular - leaves the fundamentals of the system intact, but brings better balance of effects, improves enemy spellcasters a bit or makes attribute/skill requirements for joining and especially for advancement in the guilds harsher (minor C&C here!).
As an alternative, there´s newer and more comprehensive BTB´s Game Imrpovements, but these are imo too restrictive to the extent I suspect its author hasn´t played the game much.

Creatures X (+CreaturesX-jms_patch-0.2) - the most lore friendly extensive monster addition, also adds some wildlife and diversifies some of the existing enemy factions
Starfires NPC Additions - the most lore friendly extensive NPC addition
A Flock of Seagulls - low-key aerial addition to coastal towns
Fireflies Invade Morrowind - low-key again, but adds nice bits of "atmosphere" here and there
And my personal obscure favorite just for the heck of it, Haunted Tombs, which adds more "life" into tombs.

You might also consider Water Life and Where Are All Birds Going?.
These may not be 100% lore friendly, but imo the environments benefit greatly from them.

There are also LGNPC mods which diversify NPCs´ dialogues and add some quests. For the main quest dialogues, there´s Less Generic Nerevarine.

Speaking of quests, mage-y characters can benefit from Rise of House Telvanni and Uvirith´s Legacy. The first one adds quite extensive quest chain available once you get to the top of the Telvanni faction, the second one adds shitload of content related to the Telvanni stronghold.
I don´t know about any comparable quests for the other houses.

Greater Dwemer Ruins turns the end of the main quest into quite massive and sometimes rather evil dungeon crawl, making the ending more memorable and a lot more difficult, but without really distorting the original storyline.

Can´t say much about basic gameplay/rule changers since I haven´t used much, only the already mentioned Wakim´s Improvements and also Linora´s Leveling Mod set on hard to deal with the skill -> attribute mechanics. Unfortunately there´s nothing in the vein of Oblivion Xp.

After installing these, re-run BOSS to sort the load order and the game should be ready to go. I don´t think that Wrye Mash is needed in this case.
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