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September 22nd, 2011, 18:21
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
And for me. I remember the first time I encountered The Butcher and nearly had a heart attack. Diablo 2 might have been a better "game" but it felt like a game, rather than an atmospheric trip into the underworld.
I don't know about atmospheric trip into the underworld. With the whole jumping back and forth between the dungeon and the town, clearing one level after another, it felt to me more like a simple Donkey Kong arcade game where you finished two dimensional levels. Ding. Next level. Ding. Aaannnd next. Ding. And another one… and so on…
I found Diablo 2 to be more engaging because it had a "real" world with diverse environments to explore and at least an excuse of a plot to follow.

What I don't get at all is how some people can seriously call the Diablo games "creepy" in any way. They always felt cartoony to me with a dose of the kind of slapstick humor you find in those cheaply made zombie flicks. The silly monster names speak for themselves. The games were 100% about the fun and not the scare factor.
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