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September 22nd, 2011, 19:47
There are a few rather funny comments in there, for example this one :

kud13 says:
09/22/2011 at 15:32

i’ve been an ardent Blizzard fan ever since I was first introduced to Warcraft II, back in ’98.
I’ve also been a single-player gamer all my life.

Once i’ve moved to Canada, and was introduced to the Internet, I became a rabid pirate throughout my teenage years.

Of the many games I played back then, there was only one game I legitimately owned–it was the Star Craft Battle Chest. I never played a single MP game.

I’ve purchased Wings of Liberty on Day 1. I played through the single player.
Then I went to law school, and I’ve had no time for the game for over 3 months.
When I wanted to pick it up again in November later that year, I was told that I can longer play offline.

I was eagerly awaiting Diablo III. I was genuinely excited about the game, ever since i’ve heard that they had one of the guys from Troika (Leonid Boyarsky) working on the story–teh same guy who worked on the story for Vampire: the Masquerade: Bloodlines, which is one of my all-time favourite games.
All this time, i’ve never envisioned myself playing Diablo any other way than single-player.

Now, blizzard makes that impossible.
So long, Blizz, it’s been fun while it lasted.

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Alphabet says:
09/22/2011 at 18:26

I presume you stopped pirating once you decided to pursue the law as a vocation?
Or this :

Rao Dao Zao says:
09/22/2011 at 15:08

Let’s all play Nox instead.

Khemm says:
09/22/2011 at 15:19

Diablo 1 FTW.
But I’ve never played Nox, so I’m biased or uninformed. Is it that good?

Rao Dao Zao says:
09/22/2011 at 15:24

I’ve never played any Diablo games, but word on the street is it’s like Diablo II. But either way, yes, it is excellent.

Khemm says:
09/22/2011 at 16:03

Really? Huh. Will definitely have to get it, then. It’s on gog.com and pretty cheap, so why not?
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