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September 23rd, 2011, 02:33
I would never call AP great, as it stumbled in several key gameplay areas, had some head-scratching design decisions, was full of trademark Obsidian programming/mediocre implementation of key features, and had a weak, forgettable main story along with perhaps the most grating player-character I've ever experienced. With that being said, however, I managed to get a lot of good entertainment and overall enjoyment out of that game - despite the flaws - and even replayed it 2 times just to experiment with the different choices and the branches that result from said choices. It was one my favorite games of last year, and is perhaps the single best definition of "diamond in the rough." It may have suffered from many rough edges, but it was captivating at times all the same.

I feel that the review scores ranging mostly from 6/10 and lower were far too harsh and unfair. Then again, I'm usually more forgiving of games that are flawed but ambitious; rough around the edges yet full of creative spirit. In most ways, I appreciate AP more for what it wanted to be as opposed to what it actually was. The creative vision of the developers is very apparent in AP; it's a shame that the execution mostly failed to match the vision at times and that there will most likely never be a sequel that could address the negative aspects of the game.
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