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September 23rd, 2011, 07:36
Originally Posted by Brumbek View Post
I adored AP. It's probably one of the most underrated games ever. It delivered a very solid Spy RPG experience IMO. I beat it three times in order to explore all avenues, and I loved each playthrough…but alas, some people just don't understand jazz, see what I mean?
I agree, at least in the sense that I really enjoyed AP and can't understand the horrendously bad reputation it has received. While it certainly deserved some flack for its (arguably many, and a few glaring) faults, it doesn't seem right that the positive aspects of the game were largely - if not entirely - ignored. The positives certainly outweighed the negatives for me anyway, and it's too bad that more people weren't willing to dig through the rough spots on the surface in order to find the gem beneath. In addition to the asinine reviews that went out their way to make the flaws seem much worse than they actually were, AP got such a bad word-of-mouth reputation that it killed any chance of a well-deserved sequel almost immediately out of the gate.
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