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September 24th, 2011, 17:55
Originally Posted by pibbur0x2a View Post
What about "Damnation", which is also a prog rock album with only clean vocals?
First 2 songs on there are unfuckwithable:
In My Time of Need

Personally, I was disappointed with Watershed and even moreso with Heritage.
A lot of songs on Watershed suffered from various segments being lazily/incoherently put together and itīs even worse on Heritage.
The album sounds like a collection of half finished, poorly connected ideas and most of the songs feel directionless. Very often when something interesting starts happening, an abrupt shift occurs and the idea remains underdeveloped.
Plus I think Mike is gradually loosing a knack for interesting/original melodies.
There are some nice moments throughout, I really like the overall sound and the last three songs finish the album on quite a high note, but all in all, meh in my book.

Anyway, says DeepO whose top 3 Opeth albums are:
1. Still Life
2. Blackwater Park
3. Ghost Reveries
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