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September 25th, 2011, 02:55
Is this what passes for journalism these days? If the name Skyrim wasn't used, you'd hardly even be able to distinguish what game he was talking about.

'I created a character, a chick, I forget the race. I walked out, Ooh pretty! I hit A and B on the controller, killed a wolf and a bandit. Walked into town. Talked to some npcs. Then some bandits killed me'

That's about the extent of the article.

Originally Posted by jhwisner View Post
I've kind of learned to feel passive disdain for the incestuous relationship between gaming press and industry. I still feel a fresh kind of seething rage when advertisements get added to my games.
I think the gaming industry would do well to have a sort of Consumer Reports style no advertising, no nonse, cut to the chase magazine or site. These mainstream gaming sites have huge conflicts of interest by accepting advertising, not to mention freebies, bonuses, invites to events etc.

They have a lot to lose but not saying all nice things about the games from the large publishers and it given the way the system is now it makes little sense for them to bite the hand the feeds them.
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