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September 25th, 2011, 04:49
Originally Posted by Motoki View Post
I admit these sound really interesting and seemingly solve two of my biggest complaints about Oblivion and KoTN.

Looking at that lengthy list and pondering searching, downloading, installing and configuring it all gives me a headache though.
Here is what the new Chapel of Mara looks like:

Chapel of Mara (Bravil) Pic 1 Pic 2

Originally Posted by Khalus View Post
Gah, you're making me want to install Oblivion again, but damnit-all-to-heck if it don't take all day to DL all those mods and get them installed properly before you can play.
Originally Posted by Motoki View Post
There really needs to be a better way to get mods for the Elder Scrolls games. Maybe a browser type interface like Civilization 5 has where you can search in game, get descriptions and then do a one click install?

I don't know, it just needs something to work better than the current system because it is a huge pain in the ass to find and get mods working correctly which is unfortunate because if there's one game series that really need mods and I can't imagine playing without it's TES.
Up until around December of last year, the only mods I had ever tried were a couple of small things like disabling vampire aging, etc.

After playing FNV, I wanted to try some mods for Oblivion that would add survival features like hunger, thirst, hypothermia, etc., and I read about all the fantastic overhaul mods like OOO, MMM, etc. Then I saw some of the screenshots and Let's Plays from people with lots of graphics mods installed and I realized I was going to be installing a large amount of mods.

So I researched a bit (FCOM was the most complex but absolutely worth it), made a long list of every mod I wanted to install, and then posted my planned installation steps here:


I quickly got some expert advice from lots of people who made those very same mods and adjusted my planned installation steps accordingly.

Then I proceeded with each step in order and within a couple of hours I was playing a brand new game with every one of those mods listed above. In total I installed something like 150 mods and the game has been running just fine ever since.

Wrye Bash is a really powerful tool because whenever there is any sort of conflict, it allows you to choose which elements from each mod you want to incorporate.

Most mods don't really conflict with other mods, especially not the popular ones, because modders go through a lot of work to make sure this doesn't happen.
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