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September 26th, 2011, 02:13
Originally Posted by Pessimeister View Post
I'd like to hear some Watchers/Drakensang fan' opinions on which they preferred and why (without spoilers naturally)
I prefer TRoT over the original by a landslide and consider it to be a pretty much a gold standard for how to make a sequel in terms of addressing flaws of its predecessor.

Compared to the first game, imo TRoT has better pacing, better support for the character system (social skills, crafting), better encounter design including boss fights, better itemization (which also ties to the usefulness of crafting), better puzzle aspect, better quest design - more C&C (mostly minor stuff, but still) and more quests with multiple solutions (including the troll scenario, btw), better and more unique story (for once itīs not "epic"), better characters, well, better everything, really .
I also like how it handles openendedness/nonlinearity more - you can revisit already visited areas whenever you want and based on your progress through the main quest sometimes new content pop ups (in the original only the main town had this characteristic).
And thereīs a lot less combat filler (with the exception of one dungeon), which is a huge plus.

Just about the only minus compared to the original is, as you already suspected, its limited party customization, since besides the one either/or character, there are only three other joinables. I thought it fit well with the nature of the gameīs main story (which is rather tailored to these three chars and is not of "epic" scale), but 1 or 2 more would certainly not hurt.

Iīm not saying TRoT is without flaws, but I really enjoyed it a lot from start to finish, whereas Iīve found the first game to be often irritating or boring and overall an unremarkable experience.
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