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September 26th, 2011, 12:12
Originally Posted by Pessimeister View Post
- The encounter with the Trolls at the bridge east of Nadoret. At level 1, this really did feel intimidating and gave me a "must come back later" feeling.
Do so. And put a few points into social skills if you want a non-violent solution to this.

Since I played a melee oriented character in the first game, I decided for this game that I would try out a Battlemage/Cleric hybrid kind of build.
There is a flaw in your thinking : There just don't exist "clerics" in the sense of (A)D&D in Aventuria. The rules system just doesn't support that.

There are Consecrated Ones (also called "Deonts", which is not the right word in my opinion) who are … well, can become priests, but not necessarily. The God or Goddess decides.

You can be a Consecrated One and still pursue profane things, but you'll *always* be bound to "your" God or Goddess - and there'll be punishment if you cross certain lines, I think ("Mark of the Sinner"). Especially if you chose to collaborate with demons.

As an example for what I mean read this ( can contain a few spoilers ! ): http://www.rpgwatch.com/forums/showp…24&postcount=9

This could be helpful for the understanding as well : http://www.rpgwatch.com/forums/showp…6&postcount=38

For example, you can be following the path of Phex, be a Consecrated One, and still be a merchant.

Or follow the path of Rondra, and still be a warrior. Rondra, for example, demands following some rules, though. No backstabbing ! for example. Honesty and only face-to-face combat !

The case for the other Gods and Goddesses are sometimes much more complicated … Rahja, for example, the Goddess of love, inebritation wine etc. …

Or Boron, God of Death and Sleep - who is followed by people after eithr the Al'Anfa Rites (which come from Al'Anfa, the great capital of the south, not very well looked upon by people from other aventurian realms) and the Punin Rites (after the town of Punin, another capital within Aventuria). Both parties (read : Members of both rites) don't like one anoher. If you want to see how, then listen to the talk at the tavern outside of Nadoret.

If you want really deep background information, then follow this thread : http://forum.dtp-entertainment.com/v…p?f=63&t=14843
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