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September 26th, 2011, 15:07
Mass effect 2,

Finally finished ME2. I started sometime ago but gave up however finally finished the main story.

The goods,
  1. I like the FSP style combat. This is change from combats found in other RPGs and I really liked it.
  2. The main story was short and sweet but predictable. I did enjoy the philosophy behind some of the alien races as well as some characters.
  3. Some of the alien environments were nicely done. Specially the collector ships and stuff.
  4. The game actually felt like "proper hard" sci-fi rather than fantasy set in space.
  5. I actually liked the planet scanning mini-game! It did break the flow of the main game but I sort of liked it

The bads,
  1. RPG mechanics were streamed line form ME1. I wish there is more to character development like more skills, stats etc.
  2. I hated the loot mechanics. I did not like this upgrades business. I like to loot stuff and equip my character and companions.
  3. Too many NPC companions and some of them were not really flushed out. I wish they reduced number and added more personal quest.
  4. I did not like the way how you have to obtain the companions. This is why I got bored when I started the game. It felt like grind. I wish they were incorporated into the main quest and you "acquired" as part of the main quest.
  5. Apart from Tail, Garrus and may be Thane, I did not like or care about any of the other companions. I think liked Kelly and the doctor better than the rest of the companions
  6. I did like the story on its own but what's the point of it when you compare it with ME1? In ME1 the story is reapers are taking over the world using the Geth. In ME2 the reapers are taking over the world with collectors!!! In other words the story did not progress much from ME1. It's really the same thing. I wish the story progressed in some other way.

Score 7/10
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