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September 27th, 2011, 01:16
Thanks for your thoughts, Alrik and DeepO. Comprehensive and interesting insights.

I guess as far as my character build is concerned Alrik, the "cleric" idea was a concept I was using very loosely. Perhaps Battlemage/Healer would have been more accurate, since I simply meant that I was giving my character alchemy/healing oriented talents as well as the general focus on combat spells.

I might come back and read the threads you linked to after my first playthrough and think some more on it - but as to the precise nature of my character's beliefs, they are still in development. I still have much to learn about Drakensang's lore.

I'm currently back in Nadoret at level 5, exploring and tying up some loose ends (doing some more arena fights, revisiting my master) before heading off to try to heal Ardo, after which I think a visit to an Elven Village is next up.. Thus, yes, I'm still very early on in my game.

An odd question: Is it possible to cleanse the dark forest of its population of gray wolves? I keep wanting to fully explore that area of the map, but are overrun by gray wolves and other creatures, including wild boars. I feel as if I'm grinding a little when there and there's a sense of respawn, but it's not totally unpleasant. There's a nice sense of mystery about the area too…

You make a good strong case in favour of The River of Time, DeepO, it'll be interesting to see how much I agree with you as the game unravels. I must say again though, that having the option to make a variable party with a range of dynamics and banter, was one of my primary joys with the first game. Perhaps in this case though, less means more in terms of NPC development and depth similar to the way BG2 did it. We'll see!
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