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September 28th, 2011, 12:03
hey all! a new version (1.3) of Companions is now available and we have a sale until thursday! here's what's new:

✓ added: 8 new unique items
✓ added: 2 rare items
✓ added: optional auto-aim for ranged units (go to the options menu to turn it on/off)
✓ added: Transmuter ➨ you can now scrap items in exchange for gold. say goodbye to overflowing backpacks!
✓ added: Shop ➨ the traveling shopkeeper has a lot of items for sale, even uniques.
✓ added: Ur-Steel ➨ Ur-Steel is the new global currency. you can buy it for real money and convert it into gold.
✓ added: increased the size of some buttons for better accessibility

➤ there's always a slim chance of gaining Ur-Steel in-game, either by
➨ defeating boss mobs OR
➨ by the transmutaion of unique/rare items

✓ balancing: tweaked some unit values on maps 2,4,5 and 6
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