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September 28th, 2011, 13:13
I finished this a couple of days ago but didn't have time to post a review, but here goes.

Fallout: New Vegas DLC4 Lonesome Road
Fourth and probably last storybased DLC for Fallout New Vegas tells the story about the "original courier" who have been a mystery ever since the beginning of the game.

This will not spoil anything beyond the first 10-20 minutes.

Before the player known as "The Courier" accepted the mission that bought a bullet to the head, the mission was offered to a mysterious man who, when he saw the players name next on the list, turned down the mission and walked away, but only after expressing his wish that the player would have the mission. Who was that man? Why did he turn down the mission? Why did he want the player to have it? That's what DLC4 is all about.

Like previous DLC's, Lonesome Road calls you to a location that will move you into the DLC's own area. This time the Canyon Wreckage. You can keep your complete inventory this time around and you may even return back to the Mojave if you like.

Unlike previous DLC's there's no introduction, only a short trip into a base where you find another ED-E, you know the Eyebot you probably had as companion for most of the game. Upon leaving the base on the other side you are for the first time contacted by the original courier Ulysses via ED-E's radio, calling you too him.

What follows is a trek throughout the ruins called The Divide, overrun by a particular brand of ex-NCR, ex-Legion ghouls who are all hostile to you. At various points throughout this journey Ulysses will contact you again and again, each time giving you more insight on who he is, what he thinks and why you are there.

The worst part with Lonesome Road is that the bulk of it consists of simply wading through hordes of enemies through an unusually complex mapdesign. The ruins of the Divide twists and turns and will most likely be a strain to your brain. You walk around, through, beneath and over remains of buildings that are often tipped over to the side, making them unusually difficult to navigate. Now I did not have too much problems with the mapdesign even if it's noteworthy, but rather that fighting through waves of enemies in this place seems to be the only thing you do.

The earlier three DLC's had some content to it, stuff you had to do while walking around. Dead Money had the gathering and interaction between the NPC's you find, Old World Blues was packed with content while Honest Hearts was blasted for it's simplistic MMORPG-style quests. It's saddens me to say that Lonesome Road is weaker than Honest Hearts in this regard. Most of the content involves finding X of Y to solve the included challenges, a boring achievement-hunt that really have little to do with the story. You can find 20 hidden posters (that have nothing to do with the story), 10 hidden messages (that have nothing to do with the story). You can also unlock upgrades for ED-E which is also about finding the hidden eyebots scattered around the divide.

I guess the best new gameplay idea in Lonesome Road are blasting up warheads. Blasting warheads is a way to make progress in Lonesome Road. You will find a tool that looks a lot like a laser pistol. If you use this to fire at large cone-shaped warheads they will explode, often opening up new paths or secrets. There are 30 of them throughout the Divide but only about 2/3 of those actually unlocks new stuff.

There are a few new weapons but none I found were usuful for my Energy Weapons character. There are stores that are unlocked by ED-E and there's a challenge involving buying all upgrades for one of the weapons.

Final Conclusion
Lonesome Road is one of the weakest DLC's for both F:NV and F3.

Unless the story of Ulysses is interesting to you, I would skip this DLC. If you are interested in Ulysses and your true identity as a courier, then grab it because that's what this one have to offer.

I really looked forward to DLC4 after seeing hints about Ulysses in the first three DLC's but was quite dissappointed when I realized that all Lonesome Road is, is about walking a long distance and kill non-stop hordes of enemies, with very little else that adds to the experience.
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