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September 28th, 2011, 19:03
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Absolutely agree. I just reached level 12, and I'm really loving this game. It's hard to believe it was made with the Gamebryo engine. It just looks and feels so much better than other games I've played that used Gamebryo. (i.e. Oblivion, Fallout 3). At max settings, this is one of the best looking crpgs I've ever played. Close to The Witcher 2 in terms of visual "wow".

I have to admit, the loot system is one of the few things I don't like about DKS. It's just too randomized for my taste. I don't mind random loot for normal enemies and chests, but I think they went too far in making it random even for locked chests and bosses.

Also, who was in charge of naming these weapons? Hey look, I just found a Magical Light Brutal Iron Sword of Destruction.
Yeah, I really liked the art style too. Places like Lovis Tower and Maxos Temple were amazing to look at. The music was also great and fit each scene perfectly. Then you had no level scaling, no respawning, and you had to actually put in a little effort to figure things out. The game even has some really cool puzzle and platforming elements. Divinity 2 is just loaded with great ideas.

I somewhat agree about the loot system. I too prefer more hand-made, hand-placed loot in RPGs, but overall I liked most of what I found in Divinity 2. I liked how it looked on your character, I liked finding Legendaries, and I liked how stacked with buffs the armor and weapons were. It was also fun tinkering with the gems and charms. Once you hit the next play area the loot really ramps up and you come across some great pieces.

If I had to pick one area I thought could use some improvement, it would be the Warrior's combat abilities. I generally didn't find any of them too useful, but then again I didn't try them. They just didn't sound useful to my character. However, there were plenty of other cool abilities to invest in that were well worth it, so it somewhat made up for that.

Overall though, it's an underrated gem of an RPG.

Originally Posted by Myrthos View Post
I'm doing DKS on the Xbox 360 and like before on the PC I have some issues getting myself motivated enough to continue playing in the Orobas Fjords. it is less fun than Broken Valley is.
The Orobas Fjords are tedious. I like the fact that you have to search every nook and cranny of the map, but literally landing on every piece of land that in some way resembled a ledge or a small area to stand on was tedious. Then trying to remember every small ledge you landed on was just painful. And if you didn't do that you missed out on stuff.
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