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September 28th, 2011, 20:03
Personnally I'll go and say that I don't feel Obsidian has released any bad and if anything their games ranks amongst some of my favorite RPGs.

KOTOR2 was great in spite of LucasArts's butchering (note to everyone: do yourself a favor an play the "completed" version with TSLRM), a IMO a better game than the first game.

NWN2 obviously had horrid technical issues, but coming into the game only a couple years after release I had no issues on that count. It has a very good main campain, MOTB was nothing short of a masterpiece, and SoZ was a nice throwback to old school D&D stuff even if a bit lackluster on the plot department.

Alpha Protocol played as a sneaker was a very good game IMO. I never got the complains about the technical issues eitehr since it ran flawlessly on my PC, but perhaps the console versions were that bad.

New Vegas was a great Fallout game in my book (but I'm a weirdo who loved Fallout 3 too).

Dungeon Siege III, while very much unlike DSI&II, was pretty much a great Dark Alliance clone in my book. I can't help to point that by all account the game and engine were very stable, which gives credit to the fact that using their own tech makes thing easier for them.

So basically I'm a big Obsidian fans personally. While their games tend to have issues in the polishing department (though hopefully if DSIII is a sign of things to come, things will go better if they stick to their Onyx engine), I think they tend to be great in other department, and I honestly consider that they offer the best writing of any RPG developpers.

Originally Posted by KapitanUnterhosen View Post
Any bets on what that franchise Feargus couldn't refuse is?
People are probably gonna think I'm crazy, but I'm thinking: Final Fantasy.

Why ?

Well let's head back a few years: Square had a Final Fantasy outsourced to a western developper (GRIN) codenamed Fortress and based upon FFXII's Ivalice setting. It was also reportedly to have a more WRPG kind of gameplay and design.

Things did not go well however and Square displeased with the project, pulled the plug of GRIN's iteration (which basically lead to GRIN's demise as well) but rumor was that they gave the project to another unnamed developper.

Considering, Feargus has expressed many times over his love of JRPGs, (notably of Chrono Trigger, a Square game of course), and they have already worked with Square-Enix with DSIII and reportedly had very good relationship with them… some how I could just see them working on a some form of Final Fantasy spin-off, as horrific as it'd probably seem to many Obsidian fans

And clearly, Final Fantasy would fall in the "franchis nobody could refuse" category.

(On a personnal level I'd love to see Obsidian work on Ultima, Feargus said it was his dream project and it almost happened a few years back, but with the rumors of something being cooked up at Mythic that seems extremly unlikely).

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