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September 29th, 2011, 14:40
I had my own little fun encounter with Zant just last night and thought I'd add some more to this thread.

I arrived at the Bosparanian Ruins with a party at about level 6 and finished up most quests, found all the seals but didn't quite have the firepower (or potions remaining) to defeat him the first time. I wanted to save two seals minimum.

So I trundled back to Nadoret and took some time to upgrade my party in every conceivable way. When I returned, everyone was level 7 or so and the fight was much easier. I used three seals (defense, magic and power) and felt comfortable with that. Perhaps in my next playthrough I'll try it with using no seals and try to maximise xp before arriving.

Here's basically what I did:

Forgrimm: Party leader. Buffed him with attributto con and str, sharpened his axe and let him go at it tank style. His main role was to keep Zant occupied.

Cano: Due to a lack of companion options, I decided to turn him into an archer/thief hybrid by pumping his bow skill as well as purchasing some extra bow related abilities. I can confirm as reported here previously, using fire/incendiary arrows is quite effective, as this was basically all Cano did for the fight. One or two hits consecutively are all you need to get some consistent burning damage which adds up.

Jaakon: After summoning a high level elemental creature, he relied mostly on Thunderbolt, since it used the least mana and I had only a few mana potions to last me. Moving spellcasters to the wings of the fight helps them to stay out of harms way.

My character: Battlemage/Healer. I used a similar tactic to Jaakon, only with some power-lightning mixed in, plumbumbarm and lightning find you mixed in. He also healed others where needed.

He eventually went down. Probably the most fun fight so far - and I do like a good challenge.
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