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September 30th, 2011, 12:42
I'm currently building a battlemage/alchemist/healer in River of Time and just started out placing points in Treat Wound, Treat Poison and making sure I picked up the Balm of Healing spell.

For my combat spells, I've had good success with these:

Thunderbolt: Low mana burn, steady reliable spell in the 'magic missile' tradition.

Culminatio: Bigger mana burn, larger damage output - I use for initial contact with single enemies.

Ignafaxus: Solid fire oriented spell. Increase its points where you can to ensure creatures are more likely to take extra burning damage.

Alrik is right to recommend Fastness of Body. I really like that spell early on. I also use attributio constitution and strength for general buffs for your fighters.

Depending on the type of mage you're playing, I'd also consider spells that lower your enemies melee capabilities. Something like Lightning Find You or Plumbumbarum Heavy Arm have worked well for me against tough single enemies.

You may have to use adventuring points to raise stats in order to get Dodge (I did) but I also think it's worth it.

Anyway, that'll do for now. Enjoy the game! Drakensang is a really pleasant time sink.
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