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September 30th, 2011, 13:37
Another cold drizzly friday night - sounds like a good time to get some more quality River of Time gaming hours in!

I've made some steady progress this week. I polished off the last of the Hammersberg quests last night, which also included the highly enjoyable encounter/sidequest with the spectacular Water Dragon in its own demesne.
This fight was surprisingly less stressful than the drawn out battle with Zant, but that's more a tribute to the party's progress (all about level 10 now) than anything else.

Basically the improvements that DeepO mentioned in his post can be underscored because the game has certainly picked up immensely. The Bosparanian ruins was an excellently designed dungeon from start to finish (I dig the puzzles!) and was a real treat to play. I only wish the Two Worlds 2 designers would take note of how dungeons can be designed right here.

The first part of the dwarven delvings sidequest was also very entertaining. (The game with Bossnickel!) I'll be doing the second part of that quest very soon, before leaving Hammersberg and heading back to see if more of the Hunting Ground quests have become available. I'd just sent workers to clear a tree off the bridge. The arduous fights with the ogres and orcs alll through this section was really fun as well. I had to resort to kiting a couple of times with my two mages to get through.

A couple of questions:

1. I'm interested in hearing about possible differences in the characterisations of the NPCs from the English as compared to the original German. Jaakon's character for instance. He often displays a kind of high minded petulance and irritability with hints of nobility and aristocracy. I'm also thinking he has a hidden agenda, but I could be wrong there. How would the German speakers at the 'Watch describe him?

2. So far I've run into Auralia (Nadoret - Market) Gwendala (Elven Tree - she didn't approve of my Forgrimm sponsored method of piracy elimination much hehe) And Forgrimm and Gladys of course from the brilliant death screens.
Do other NPCs from the first game make an appearance? (Dranor, Jost, Ancoron, Traldar, Nasreddin and Rhulana?)

3. Could someone put a percentage on how far I have remaining in the main game?

4. What's the general recommended level for starting Phileasson's Secret?

That'll do for now!
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