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October 1st, 2011, 03:52
I am ten k from the exchange, via ancient copper cable network. Half my neighbours still can't get broadband! I have ADSL 2+ now, but speeds are still barely above dial-up, it is a joke! Still, it is nice living out of the city, at least I don't have whores and drug addicts fighting in my front yard lol.
It typically takes three days to download a 5Gb torrent! But at least we have fresh air, no traffic, no crime.

Oops! I better say something on-topic! Last time I saw BP on sale, it was going for AU$7.99. What a bargain! But I bet none of that made its way back to DeepShadows. Pity they did not do what CD Red Project did with The Witcher 2 - set up their own on-line distribution company so that 100% of revenue went to the devs.
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