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October 1st, 2011, 11:02
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I was just interested in hearing someone's characterisation that had only heard Jaakon's German voice acting, as I'd wondered how similar or different he was to the impression given in English. That's all.
Well, in my opinion, his voice-acting was imho well fitting to his "life story". It didn't sound unbelivable.

The Kampfmagie-Seminar of Andergast is I think the only Magic teaching academy entirely focused on combat magic. As such, I think it is at least a Grey academy, if not even a Black one.

The members of this academy are - in Aventuria - the only ones who are regularly allowed to wear the grey cap of the combat magicians. It's like … some kind of brand sign for them. No other magicians are allowed (at least in theory) to wear them.

Andergast and Nostria are two small kingdoms not too far away fom both the Orcs and the Thorwalians (see the Northland Trilogy for that). Sometimes they are invaded by both, but thanks to a few treatises and such, they can live in relatively peace.

Both kingdoms are very traditional. *How* much traditional and conservative can be seen if you ask Jost of Drakensang 1 about his story.

Both Nostria and Andergast also has very strong ties to fairy realms hidden deeply within the surrounding forests. I mean with this that the inhabitants of both countries believe in them quite strongly, as far as I know, and see them as another force that just lives on there. Better not to disturb them, but if they help you, you are really blessed !

Both kingdoms are in kind of an "eternal war" with one another, although it is not really a full-fledged war, but rather some … fights here and there, accusing one another of bad deeds, swearing to let them pay for it, getting together in small battles again, going back home again etc. … I don't know how to describe it, but it is like two grumpy, unfriendly neighbours always bickering over one another.

Both Nostria and Andergast have a tradition in pen & paper TDE playing as so vcalled "beginners' regions". They are are part of what is still considered the "fairy-tale aspect of Aventuria".

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Just thought I'd test/post a screenshot of my crew smiling for the camera (except only Forgrimm looked directly at it..)
A very nice picture !

I don't remember some of this armor … Hardly ever bought some because it is always so much expensive … The red cloth seems to be from the Elves, no ?

There is a single … "set" of armor throughout the whole game, and that is this "Storm Guardians" elven "set". It consists of reddish clothes - and unfortunately the boots (?) can only be obtained by answering a question of the Bisnickel WRONG - he then teleports you (I have read) into a kind of cell, wherein there stands a chests which contains them. So far the community has found no other way to gain them.
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