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October 1st, 2011, 15:02
You're correct about the red clothing that my mage wears, Alrik. It's of elven make - the Storm Sentinel Robes. It's probably the best protection that I've found so far for a mage. Hopefully I can find something suitable to match/accompany it also. The soldier's boots just don't look right!

I didn't know about that Bosnickel story you mention. I managed to answer all of his questions correct the first time, using both hints as provided though!

One quest I didn't do correctly however, was for the Archmage Rakorium. It's strange though, as it hasn't come up as "failed" in the quest journal.
It involves his apprentice, Nottel. I completed the ritual, but got the item order wrong. It didn't seem too impactful on my game, so I didn't reload. Perhaps I should have?

The armour that Forgrimm wears is the dwarven plate and was very expensive (500 odd ducats). I'm kind of regretting not taking haggling as a skill now to lower the costs a little!
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