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October 1st, 2011, 17:40
@skaven-$16 is no money. It's more of a principal thing for me. I tend to get emotionally invested in my games, but a game that's only 15 hours long never succeeds in hooking me. It's one of the reasons I play crpgs. I like forming attachments with my character/the world and, for a game to be over in 15 hours, it would leave me disappointed. I just don't bother playing short games. The mods won't help either because they're separate from the core game and not something that extends the main game.

If many of the Watch purchase this, perhaps they'll make a real (where real = longer) game. I'm not going to run out of crpgs to play for the rest of my life. There are too many games that I love replaying; (Oblivion, FO3, FNV, 2W2, MM3-8, etc). I've heard Morrowind has been updated also, so that would add to the list. Note every game I listed lasts well over 100 hours. Some find the content in these types of games shallow, but they work for me.

Finally, short games just feel like a money grab. I absolutely loathe the newer model of "quickie-games". Then again, I'm a curmudgeon and glad to admit it
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