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October 1st, 2011, 18:41
Originally Posted by MasterKromm View Post
That is, to one degree or another, my point. I think a fixed predefined protagonist is the lazy or easy approach to RPG design… There are some exceptions, like TNO from PST, but generally I think it's just the easy way.
But I think Bethesda's approach is lazy too. They don't even try to tie your character into the world. They just have you be a prisoner no one has ever seen or heard of and didn't know existed until that day and throw you out in the world.

Also, if we're going to criticize choices not carrying over between games (ie Shani), Bethesda never does carry over your choices either. The Daggerfall choice at the end became a quantum event where all possibilities happened at once. Whether or not the player killed Vivec in Morrowind was sidestepped completely with rumors in Oblivion noted he 'disappeared' etc.

If I had to speculate I would assume it is why Bio made the switch to a predefined voiced protagonist for DA2…
Oh definitely. It's easier no doubt. Those scenarios take a good bit of more time and effort to make and for something where most players are going to pick one and never see the others. You're basically making a ton of content that won't get seen.

But I loved those scenarios. They were one of the things that made the game stand out and made it special. Now it's just like any other random action RPG really.

It's no big deal… Just stating how some women might have a hard time playing a male character, Geralt the philanderer especially.
Oh okay, I see your point there. You can play him as being monogamous (and I did) for the most part but they still do shove that history in your face a fair bit.

FWIW, I think TW2 is a great game - simply more action/adventure than RPG(IMO)…
Yeah, going to have to agree with you there too. They've been pushing the franchise further and further into action territory in my opinion. Although the second game is gorgeous, in some ways I kind of prefer the first.

Sorry for the OT discussion.
Oh it's fine, it's better than talking about Mike Laidlaw. And it's semi-related to Dragon Age and the genre as a whole so I can justify it.
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