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October 1st, 2011, 19:06
Originally Posted by Grimlorn View Post
It has nothing to do with piracy and everything to do with making money off the RMAH. No offline play means no way to modify your game to increase rare drops. No /players 8 or increase of finding rare eq. They will probably make the chance of rare loot dropping lower than in D2 so people are using the RMAH more. It's not about fighting piracy, it's about making money. Whatever makes the most money is how they are going to set it up in the game. They're just using piracy as an excuse to push their RMAH so they don't piss people off and people blame pirates instead of the them for their crappy design decisions.
People blame pirates because it's the industry biggest excuse for this nonsense. I thought that maybe after some time had passed they might throw us singleplayers a bone.

It was just a hopeful thought. Though it's probably more likely that I'd grow wings and fly before that happens.

@Doctor Yea, I'm pretty much on the same page. It was just a wish of mine.

So enough about my idle musings, has anyone got Diablo 1 running on Win7?
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