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October 2nd, 2011, 03:02
I don't know, I've played all of Jeff's games (the originals and the remakes) and many of them had boring/unchallenging combats, awful game balance, and game mechanics that looked good on paper but didn't really work. And that's not even getting into issues with telling the same story over and over. There have been great titles too, but Avadon is nowhere nearly as bad as the mediocre titles. Personally I though Avadon was a very strong game, and consider most of the mechanics to be a strong step forward even if they are flawed (but most of his games have flawed mechanics). There are only a few of his titles I consider stronger.

I personally consider Avadon to be stronger then netergate (especially the original nethergate). I'd put geneforge 1 over it, but none of the others because they are basically the same game. I'd definitely put avernum 5 over it, and probably 6 too, though I liked 5 better. It's way better then 4 though.
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