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October 2nd, 2011, 07:28
The original nethergate had the same interesting story as the remake but it had some of the worst pacing and balance of any Spiderweb title. It was mildly challenging in the early game but after that combat was mostly a boring mindless slog that took forever but never challenged you. The remake fixed this and was a much better game though personally I still enjoyed Avadon more. Though having already played through the story in the original may have contributed a bit to this.

Avernum 5 was kind of Jeff's turning point game that showed he was still capable of making great games and telling good stories. Most everything he released between Geneforge 1 and Avernum 5 was playable but not that exciting and a lot of people lost faith in him during that time. It doesn't take a lot to be much better then one of the games from this era.

I think the key things that made Avernum 5 and 6 beter then Avadon (for me at least) were the world and encounter designs. If I were to judge purely based on gameplay mechanics I'd probably give Avadon higher marks, other then the pointless energy/fatigue system.
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