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October 2nd, 2011, 11:50
Originally Posted by Hurls View Post
If you are enjoying Enya, maybe some Enigma? More dreamy but very mellow/relaxing.
They did a great song … I think it has the refrain of "return to your self". It always makes me shiver any time I hear it on the radio (which happens rarely, sadly).

I think it is this song here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Return_to_Innocence

I hope today I'll find time (and muse, as we often say here) to work through dte's Shoegazing link list - and to listen through OMD's new live album later thi day …

I'm a bit picky regarding music : I just don't want to listen music next to the other things I do, as kind of a "background noise", so to say; instead, I always try to listen to music with all senses open, being entirely focused on it, especially when I hear an album for the very first time … This makes me kind of procrastinate listening to music, because m perfectionism always wants me to wait "for the perfect moment" … I must learn to just let it go …
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