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October 2nd, 2011, 18:31
I also agree with the sentiment that there is something to be said for shorter games. When I was a teenager I could do very long marathon sessions. As an adult, I don't get anywhere near that time. Maybe I can get a few hours a day if I am lucky and often far less than that.

When playing only bits at a time, longer games can take me a very long time to complete. During that time, they can seem to drag on and I may get distracted by another game or real life; any number of things.

I like to feel a sense of completion but unfortunately in the days of digital downloads and 'Hey look! Game X is on sale!' more often than not I start a game but don't complete it. I am far more likely to complete a shorter game.

I do get attached to games and their worlds so ideally there will be some further content to play at some future date. It could be a sequel, expansion, DLC or even a mod that takes place in the same world. For successful games there is usually more content forthcoming after the original release. Hopefully this will be the case with Driftmoon as well.
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