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October 2nd, 2011, 20:28
Doing some time in WK40K: DOW Soulstorm.
I've always liked the fanatical Sisters of Battle, and here their fervor is at an all-time high w/ hilarious units like the Exorcist tank - a tank that features a pipe organ that fires mortars out the pipes while the driver plays hymns to the Emperor on the keys! Lots of cool units, and there's a new resource "faith" which the Sisters can use for battlefield powers. And they need them too, because in all honesty theyre a little bit weaker and have less options then their space marine brothers when it comes to simply fielding the right units and throwing them at the enemy. I consider myself a fairly proficient Dawn of War player, but the first mission vs Imperial Guard pretty much stomped me and stopped my attack dead in it's tracks. Need to use those faith powers to the max.

Dark Eldar look pretty cool too.

I realized how spoiled I am when it comes to download vs box, when I feel it's such a tremendous hassle to put the disk in the drive to play the game! If Steam ever has a DOW "everything sale" for pretty cheap, i'll probably pick them up just to get rid of this horrible inconvenience! ='.'=
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