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October 4th, 2011, 01:31
I found an old Pentium 200 on the side of the road so I've installed DOS on it and am currently playing Albion for the first time.

Love the colourful VGA graphics, the midi music, the classic Science Fiction setting and the interesting use of different types of gameplay (isometric, first person, turn based combat).

Early on in the game I was turned back by a couple of dudes guarding the comms room but, thanks to my mate Joe who kindly directed me to a puzzle filled service entrance, I later found my way inside and discovered a gun hidden in a console. Feeling very pleased with myself I marched directly out through the guarded door only to be stopped, lectured, and searched by the guards - who took my gun. And I really like logical consequences like that in a game - I was lazy and didn't go back through the service tunnels, and I was punished.

Having said that though I've really missed that gun! I've been in one fight and had my butt whipped to the point that I had to re-load and avoid it until I toughen up a bit.
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