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October 4th, 2011, 19:35
Thanks for reading the preview, there was a lot to cover but if I did that with each feature separately I feared it would grow too long. Instead I went for a more general look at the whole project and how it is coming along. I suppose it's not a H3 purist's cup of tea but times have changed and I find myself yearning for some change. I have enjoyed every single game in the series for what they had to offer - even H4 - though it's H2, H3 and H5 that I am most fond of. A few years of H5 multiplayer were a blast but eventually I felt it was time to move on.

As to the negative criticism it's mostly a personal sentiment as opposed to good feature or bad feature. Take the magic system, guilds may be missing but your success is no longer dependent on the guild - and in H5 it mattered a LOT whether vs neutrals or in the final battle. You can no longer lose because you could not dispel that pesky puppet master. You cannot lose because you could not counter enemy mass slow with mass haste. And it adds an extra layer of planning because now you have the tools to deal with the random neutrals you had to deal with, you know what you can pick and when. Also I had missed mixing spells from different schools like in H3. H5 was restrictive, most factions were better off with just one magic school so you rarely saw a battle with creative spellcasting combinations, perhaps the reason why I loved academy and necro. Cooldowns were a great way to prevent mindless spell spamming, though it should be reduced for some spells. And finally, it was brilliant to weaken mass spells so that the single spell has a stronger bonus or have magic defense work against the effectiveness of buffs.

Ideally, they would have combined the two systems and make it possible to spend magic points in guilds to learn spells but frankly I cannot complain with the way things turned out. And who knows, mage guilds may yet return in the future. But not in the exact same way we knew them, that's for sure.

- Elvin
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