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October 4th, 2011, 19:39
Yeah the Alien IP is at Sega, it's them who decided to cancel the Aliens RPG to begin with and handle the videogames IP. To be blunt they seem to be handling it very poorly: the RPG was announced at the same time as Gearbox's "Alien: Colonial Marines" and then suddenly Alien Crucible was cancelled while reports were coming that Colonial Marines was being restarted from scratch while Sega annouced a new Alien VS Predator game.

That's all rather weird, and I'd certainly wish to know how everything went down. Uruqart expressed several time he'd like to explain it, but it can't due to a NDA. Hopefully we'll know someday.

That being said the cancellation of Aliens might have been a bad for a good: because Aliens' team went and did Fallout: New Vegas - had Aliens not have been cancelled, New Vegas might not have happened since Obsidian might not have had the manpower to handle it.

Also, no Planescape: Torment 2, please.
IŽd be fine with Planescape: Something Else Than Torment 2 though, the setting is/was underused.
I'd be fine with any non Forgotten Realms D&D CRPG. That being said I agree, I don't see the point of Torment 2: it doesn't require a sequel - that's even more non sensical that people wanting a Baldur's Gate 3. A new Planescape based RPG could be cool though.

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