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October 4th, 2011, 21:33
I'm not sure what's your point since I don't think "consolization" has anything to do with the engine used.

Just because DS3 was meant to aim at consoles players (it's basically a Dark Alliance clone after all) doesn't mean every game they'll do will be.

That being said what Obsidian needs is to work more into doing PC specific controls/UIs: that's two games (Alpha Protocol and Dungeon Siege III) that plays perfectly on a PC… with a controller, and suffers from obvious issues with a mouse/keyboard combo. I personally don't mind since I tend to play with controllers when I can, but this rather sucks.

Of course Obsidian is not the only culprit of this, but I have trouble excusing this when I see that even Arcania went to the hassle of offering a diffrent UI on PC and Console.

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