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October 5th, 2011, 19:30
Watched the 50 min vid.

The skill/ability/spell screens looked promising as there seems to be a lot to choose from, including a solid amount of non-combat stuff.
After that it went rather downhill.

Art direction is just bland.
The general world design canŽt get more uninspired than what the exterior footage and the world map hint at. It seems like the whole world is arbitrarily divided into about 20 small-ish open areas connected to each other via corridors in even less organic manner than in ArcaniA.
Though there is swimming in the game, apparently jumping is only possible via hot spots which, if it is indeed the case, is a major fail for a game with supposedly Oblivion-like amount of freedom.
Despite the omnipresent vibrant color tones, the world felt rather lifeless, just full of loot-spots.
Quests and writing in what was shown seemed generic, though given the small amount IŽll reserve my judgement.
Wtf was that additional xp bonus for mashing button during a finisher?
Some of the skills seemed quite inconsequential - for example, the guy who played it dispelled an averagely difficult ward on a chest without a single point in ward dispelling on his first try.

Anyway, seems like character building might be interesting, but some of the other aspects still leave me unenthusiastic about this game.
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